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why give


why give?  

The act of giving benefits everyone, including the givers themselves. In fact people that donate substantial portions of their time and wealth to charitable causes say that they are rewarded many times over.

These benefits can come in a variety of ways. For example, you can now make things happen in areas of life that you have always wanted to influence. You can get your teeth into a fresh challenge and re-invigorate your career. And you can re-apply all those valuable skills that took you to the top.

The challenge is to pioneer your own micro-trust. Become a group leader and inspire other co-directors to join you. Form a group of similar like-minded colleagues and peers. Get involved in projects that stretch your skills and abilities. Use your skills in a 3rd world project that brings health, social benefit, prosperity and influence to people who need to learn from you.

It's about being a leader. It's about being successful. But more than anything it's about being significant.


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