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case studies  

Across the UK more and more leaders in business are bringing ideas, energy and additional funds to develop their own micro trusts.

We hope these inspire you to become involved in projects that stretch your skills and abilities and bring health, social benefit, prosperity and influence to people who need it most.

Remember, this is your chance to be significant. Simply email: with any ideas that you'd like to lead.

Frishta Village

Frishta are building a children's village for Indian street children who have nothing and no-one. Living in a Frishta family home will transform their lives!

The children can play and be themselves without the fear of being beaten up.They can go to school - be able to read a book for the first time!They will get a good education, then a job and a place of their own to live Frishta helps them escape the grip of poverty over their lives and to become normal children again. Frishta: giving children a home, an education, a hope and a future.


With some 70% illiterate in Bihar, the fastest way out of poverty is through education. NIEA provides an opportunity for some 200 children to gain a better life.

The Voice of Poor Trust

VPF supports local projects with local leadership in secondary and post-secondary education, fresh water, and micro-finance. They look for opportunities to spark and support simple, sustainable and innovative solutions to local problems and take an advisory role to help capture these solutions in practice.

Ex Animo

Inspired to do something from the heart, Marlena Hellebo, with the guidance and support from GivingWorks, decided to set up a Micro-Trust that was focused on children and education in the charitable sector. Since 2003, Ex Animo (From the Heart) Micro-Trust has commissioned two charitable documentaries: one on destitute children in India and the other on HIV/AIDS orphans in South Africa.

Ex Animo has since branched out and formed itself as a charitablefoundation with its focus still on children and education.

The London Children’s Museum

Children thrive when they can play, learn and explore at their own pace. Children's museums bring out the genius in every child. The London Children’s Museum aspires to become a place of laughter, discovery and safety that celebrates childhood as an important stage in the journey of life.

The building, contents, and experience it offers will encourage all who visit and work there to be explorers, inventers, and people of the future, constrained only by the limit of their curiosity

Cross Road Retreats

Crossroads Retreats runs a series of 2-day retreats at different retreat centres around the country. There are three target groups: those finding themselves at a crossroads in their lives and needing time and space to reflect on their next move; young adults who are embarking on a career and uncertain what would suit their particular gifting; recovering addicts, who are working their way through a recovery programme and need companionship on their journey.

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