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about us

Our mission is to bring new wealth into the charitable sector and to educate a whole new generation of humanitarians and philanthropists in the art and skill of making grants and the social responsibility of wealth.

To do this we raise awareness of the different aspects of philanthropy and connect interested parties to an extensive network of practicing philanthropists.

Your own charitable trust

Through our associated company Trustee Services Co Ltd, we are able to establish a charitable trust or foundation on behalf of our clients. This covers all aspects of setting up the mission of the charity including the selection of trustees and administration.

Coaching, advising and privacy

All those who wish to donate their time and money receive personal one-to-one coaching that will enable them to focus their energies and apply their skills more effectively.

As part of this, a number of high profile philanthropists share their experiences with our clients and we introduce them to an exclusive private network of similar minded, socially motivated people.

Be Significant has grown out of the parent charitable company Trusts in Partnership and protects the identity of everyone that chooses to donate and ensures complete and total confidentiality at all times.


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